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This page was last updated Wednesday 1 September 2021


  • All of our venues are currently closed.
  • If you have a booking during this time we will be emailing you to move your booking or to arrange a refund. Please be patient whilst we work through all of our bookings.
  • To assist us with processing your refund please email your booking number, booking date, BSB and account number to
  • If you would like to move to a new date please log onto the booking system and move your booking or email us.
  • We aim to reopen our venues on Monday 4 October in line with government restrictions for Community Facilities at the time. Please note- we will not be back to full capacity straight away as there is likely to be a cautious easing of restrictions, including limits on group numbers and density allowances.
  • We are allowing a buffer of 1 business day to interpret and act on the new restrictions.
  • Note we need a minimum of 21 day's notice for any new bookings.

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