Plan an event

The City of Yarra has a wide range of parks and gardens that are suitable for many styles of outdoor events.

Maybe you would like to hold your wedding ceremony at the scenic Fairfield Amphitheatre, one of our heritage protected venues, or the picturesque Circle of Trees in Edinburgh Gardens.

Whatever the event you are planning to hold, City of Yarra has a space for you. Planning an event can sometimes by overwhelming. The below resources can assist you in your planning.

Casual gatherings do not typically need a permit, unless you require exclusive reservation – please see the permit requirements. If you do not meet any of the criteria and are happy to choose a location when you arrive at the park, feel free to proceed. We ask that you please respect that larger groups may have paid for a permit in the event site. To check outdoor event site availability, feel free to give Event Permits a call on 9205 5205. 

  • Event planning toolkit

    This toolkit provides an overview of the key elements of planning and running an outdoor event in Yarra.

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  • Events in public spaces permit

    If you are running an event, you may need an Event in Public Spaces (EIPS) permit

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  • Events policy

    Our Events in Public Spaces Policy aims to strike a balance between events and residents

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  • Major events expressions of interest

    We are introducing a new approach to supporting and managing events in the City of Yarra, where we can support you with planning a major event. 

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  • Outdoor Events FAQ

    Want to hold an event but don't know where to start? Check our our frequently asked questions!

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  • Outdoor Weddings FAQ

    Want to hold your wedding in a park? Read our frequently asked questions.

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  • Advertising signs in parks and gardens

    Find out how to organise an advertising sign to promote your event.

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  • Accessibility at meetings events festivals

    We are committed to ensuring the City of Yarra is welcoming and accessible to all people.

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