About us

The City of Yarra is the home of diverse and vibrant arts, cultures and communities.

Yarra City Arts’ vision is for our city to be a creative place where dynamic, diverse, vibrant arts activities thrive and our citizens enjoy arts and culture as an everyday experience. Our Branch is comprised of three teams: Arts & Culture, Events Permits and Venues.

Arts & Culture

Our Arts and Cultural programs are driven by a single objective: To make arts and culture an everyday experience in our city. Learn more about the range of programs we cover. 

Events Permits

When planning an event, there are many regulations, permits and approvals that may need to be addressed. Our Event Permits team can offer event organisers valuable event planning and management advice to meet these various planning and approval requirements. Find out more about planning an event in Yarra


We have a wide range of venues for hire- from small meeting rooms within our libraries to large ballrooms for special social gatherings. We offer discounted rates for registered not-for-profit organisations and charities. Browse our venues or find out more about booking a venue in Yarra