Advertising signs in parks and gardens


Temporary signage boards may be installed at specific locations by local real-estate agencies, in order to promote events and projects run by local not for profit organisations. 

Conditions for erecting signs:


You may choose a maximum of two locations to install your signs. Each sign may be displayed for a maximum of 14 days.


The following groups are eligible to apply for approval to erect a temporary community advertising sign:

  • Local non-profit community groups which meet Council’s strategic directions as specified in the Council Plan
  • Schools and pre-schools within City of Yarra
  • City of Yarra Service clubs within City of Yarra 

Each community organisation are eligible for one set of signs per calendar year. 

Sign Specifications

  • Signs are to have a display size of five square metres or less
  • Signs are not permitted to be attached to any vegetation/trees

Content of Signs

The content of the sign must be submitted to us for approval with the application.


Sponsorship identification on community signs is not to exceed 20% of the sign display area. Signs which display sponsorship or advertising relating to tobacco or gambling associated activities, events or organisations, will not be approved.

Public Liability Insurance

You will need public liability insurance cover of $20 million and will provide us with an insurance certificate of currency upon application.


Locations are nominated by us and are subject to availability.