Room to Create Studio at Collingwood Yards Artists

The Room to Create program has a studio at Collingwood Yards.

Opening in 2020, Collingwood Yards is a new, permanent and affordable home for scores of artists and independent arts organisations working in Yarra.

Artist Profiles

  • Ayman Kaake

    Ayman Kaake's passion for cinema and photography eventually developed into a body of digital art works, creating images and video installation that delve into the dreamlike world of personal experiences, emotional turmoil, and the complexities of isolation that came from starting a new life in a new country.

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  • Scotty So

    Scotty So works across media, using painting, photography, site-responsive installation, video and drag performance to explore the often-contradictory relationship between humour and sincerity within lived experience.

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  • Hayley van Ree

    Hayley van Ree’s practice is a constant blending of fashion and installation art, existing at a unique intersection of the two.

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  • Josephine Mead

    Josephine Mead is a visual artist, writer and curator based in Naarm (Melbourne). She works through photography, sculpture, installation and text to explore personal notions of support.

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  • Guy Grubowsky

    Guy Grabowsky is a Melbourne-based artist and photographer working with analogue photography.

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  • Michelle Mantsio

    Michelle Mantsio is an artist whose practice is research-based, where she undertakes interviews and fieldwork that become actual instructions guiding her subsequent art-making.

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