Event in Public Spaces Permit


If you are running an event, you may need an Event in Public Spaces (EIPS) Permit.

This single permit replaces the need for event and activity organisers to contact multiple teams within Yarra City Council.

All events covered by the Events in Public Spaces Policy will require an Event in Public Spaces Permit to operate.

The permit is needed for activities and events that occur in Council owned or managed parks, open spaces and roadways and that involve:

  • 50 people or more
  • Ticketing for the participants
  • Amplified Music
  • Infrastructure being erected on the public space
  • A reservation of public spaces

The types of activities or events that require an EIPS Permit include:

  • Festivals
  • Markets
  • Health, fitness and sports (but not seasonal sports booked on sports grounds)
  • Arts and cultural events
  • Weddings and celebrations
  • Street parties
  • Balloon landings
  • Promotions
  • Filming
  • Other social events

Depending on the nature and scale of the event, other approvals, permits and licenses may be required.

The Event Permits team will assist with the identification of other approvals required but it will be the responsibility of the applicant to arrange any additional permits for the event.

Applications for an EIPS Permit can be made at any time and will take between two weeks to six months to process, depending on the nature of the event.

The fees and charges associated with the EIPS permit comprise of:

  • a one-off application fee
  • a one-off EIPS permit fee that varies according to the size and risk profile of the event
  • fees for other approvals required from Council depending on the activities the event involves.
  • Discounted fees may apply for registered not-for-profit organisations.

Applying for an Event in Public Spaces Permit

1. Contact us to discuss your event first. You may be offered suggestions to strengthen your application. You will then be directed to register your interest by completing the online form in as much detail as possible at this preliminary stage.
2. Your application will be assessed. Depending on the size, nature and complexity of your event, you will either be offered a Permit or, assuming we have enough information, offered in-principle approval to hold your event. In some cases more information will be needed and in-principle approval will be delayed until this is attained.
3. In most cases more detailed information will be needed to satisfy all the permit requirements. External permits and approvals will need to be sighted, as will documentation such as public liability insurance.
4. Once you’ve provided all the necessary information and documentation, we will offer you an Event in Public Places Permit conditional upon the payment of the invoice.

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