The number of toilets required at an event will depend on factors such as the anticipated crowd numbers, the gender of patrons (women need more toilet stalls), if alcohol will be available, the duration of the event and the number of existing facilities at the site.

Consideration should be given to ensuring the toilets are well situated, well lit, contain soap and hand drying equipment, and are cleaned and re-stocked regularly.

If the size, nature or location of the event calls for the provision of portable toilets, the following facilities must also be provided:

• one sanitary bin per female toilet
• separate toilet and hand washing facilities for food handlers
• at least one unisex accessible toilet for patrons at each group of toilet facilities (refer to the Building Code of Australia for more information).

While many of Yarra’s parks have existing facilities that may be used, events that expect larger crowds will need to provide additional portable toilets.

The Events Permit team can help determine if and how many portable toilets may be required for the event.

Refer to the tables below as a guide. If your event is smaller or of a shorter duration, fewer portable toilets will be required.

A table showing toilet facilities