Security and Crowd Control

Whether security guards and crowd controllers are necessary for your event will depend on the nature and scale of your event.

Some determining factors might be:

  • whether alcohol is sold at the event
  • if large crowds are anticipated
  • if valuable infrastructure needs protection and
  • if there are activities that are inherently dangerous or require crowds to be moved e.g. firecrackers, parades, other entertainment.

Thinking through the various elements of your event and the risks that may arise is an important part of risk assessment that should be done at the planning stage. This process will help you determine if security guards are needed.

If you’ve decided that your event needs security guards, consider what roles they will take at your event. Look for reputable providers and ensure they are suitably insured and qualified for the roles you need performed (e.g. a security guard license alone does not allow a person to operate as a Crowd Controller). It’s best to ask for a copy of the Private Business Security License from the provider before engaging their services.

The number of security guards required will depend on the expected number of patrons and activities specific to the event, and will be determined by Victoria Police and Liquor Licensing Victoria where necessary.

Most licensed events will require a ratio of two guards for the first 100 patrons and then one guard per 100 patrons thereafter - the exact number will be specified in the conditions of the license issued by VCGLR.

It is recommended that security guards are engaged early in your planning process and that a representative attends all your briefings.