Public liability insurance protects organisations such as event organising committees against claims of negligence that may arise from the organisation's operations.

In the City of Yarra, an event that requires an event permit typically also requires public liability insurance coverage of $20 million. The need for insurance is triggered by the inclusion of event elements such as alcohol, larger structures and other risk factors. Companies and organisations are required to hold their own public liability insurance coverage.

For a small fee, Yarra offers insurance coverage under our community policy for low-risk events such as wedding ceremonies and children’s parties that are organised by individuals.

Some smaller park bookings do not require insurance - our Event Permits Officers will advise if insurance is necessary.

Depending on the size and complexity of your event, other insurances may be necessary or advisable. We recommend that you seek professional advice about the appropriate insurance/s required for your event.

Evidence of your cover

Where a certificate of currency is required as part of your event permit application, it should outline:

  • the name of the Insurer
  • the limit of the indemnity - a minimum of $20 million indemnity is required, and
  • currency of the policy at the time of the event.

The policy must note Yarra City Council as an Interested Party (Principal Indemnity Endorsement), and that the Business Activity shown on the Certificate of Currency must be appropriate for the organiser’s function, such as organising and running a community festival.

More information on insurance for community groups and not for profits can be found at: