Successful events are well organised and comfortable for everyone involved.

We encourage event organisers to make their events accessible and inclusive, including for people with a disability or limited mobility, and those using prams and wheelchairs. All participants benefit when access is better, including people making deliveries, young children, those with prams and older people.

There are many ways to increase the accessibility of your event. Some key considerations include:

  • ensuring there are accessible paths and entrances (sufficiently wide, free of steps, clutter, barriers, etc.)
  • providing accessible toilets (or have information available on the location of accessible toilets in close proximity)
  • arranging sufficient staff or volunteers to provide assistance where required
  • installing temporary ramps where necessary
  • improving access for people who are hearing-impaired by providing Auslan interpreters and hearing loops (hearing loops can be provided at Council venues)
  • ensuring signage is well-positioned, clear, concise and that the print is in a large clear font, (e.g. Arial) to help people with a vision impairment and
  • clearly state the level of accessibility available at your event on all promotional material (if only limited access can be provided it is best to make this clear).

The City of Yarra has a number of excellent resources and checklists available. Read our Disability access guide for meetings, festivals and events to help you plan your accessible event.

For further support or advice please contact Yarra City Council on 03 9205 5555 and ask for our Access and Inclusion Officer.