Music and amplified sound at events

Where sound levels are concerned, the enjoyment of event patrons needs to be balanced with the safety and amenity of other users of the event site and surrounding residents and businesses.

Sound generated by an event - whether from live or recorded music, voices or other amplified sounds - is governed by Environmental Protection Authority legislation. The sound limit for an outdoor event is 65 decibels dB(A). If the event lasts more than five hours, it can only be held between the hours of 12.00 noon and 10.00 pm.

To ensure sound levels are within the prescribed limits, event organisers may need to engage an acoustic consultant to monitor and log levels for the duration of the activity.

Sound levels can be managed through the effective positioning of amplifiers, stages and audience seating. Our Events Team can help provide advice on how to lay out your event site plan to minimise the impact of sound on local residents and businesses.