Richmond Town Hall Exhibition Space

Artwork hanging in Richmond Town Hall
Christian Thompson, Selected Works (2017) at Richmond Town Hall

Richmond Town Hall, located at 333 Bridge Road, plays an important role in the delivery of services to the community. Members of our community attend the Town Hall for a variety of reasons including Council and community meetings, events and on Council business.

The exhibition spaces at Richmond Town Hall are on the upper floor and consist of three meeting rooms with alcoves and a corridor.

Council calls for Expressions of Interest to exhibit at Richmond Town Hall and its other exhibition spaces annually and any future opportunities will be promoted in Opportunities.

Exhibition space dimensions:

The corridor comprises six walls (five with hanging track) and can be viewed during business hours from 9am – 5pm.


270cm (h) x 198cm (w)
270cm (h) x 190cm (w)
270cm (h) x 529cm (w)
270cm (h)  x 513cm (w)
270cm (h) x 333cm (w)
270cm (h)  x 282cm (w)

The meeting rooms are directly off the corridor and comprise of nine alcoves with hanging rails. They are only accessible when there are no meetings or other business taking place. Each alcove is 170cm high (to hanging rail) x 125cm wide x 20cm deep. Alcoves are 160cm from the ground.