23rd Key


Keezus by 23rd Key

Keezus is an exhibition of recent works from 23rd Key (Jessica Kease) drawing on a range of themes.

Exploring the human condition, a number of the works are inspired by the artist’s ego and experiences. These works concentrate on the inner battle we have with who we are, who we are perceived to be and how the two differ.

23rd Key’s current body of work looks at housing and how housing relates to a broader context of identity. Rather than a view of different still lifes and other forms of detritus, these works look at housing through a heritage and building perspective. 

Kease began her foray into stencil art in 2005, first exhibiting her work in 2008, and has spent most of her time toiling over a table ever since. Under the pseudonym 23rd Key, Kease creates photo-realistic stencils, taking no short cuts and cutting everything by hand. With a background in printmaking, graphic design, audio engineering and currently studying Architecture, Kease brings the knowledge from each of these into her already photo-realistic style.

Keezus was exhibited at the Richmond Town Hall between 22 November and 22 February, 2019.

Image Credit: Street Art Flavour, 23rd Key, Installation view, Richmond Town Hall. Photo by Bernie Phelan.