Voiceless Journeys

 Voiceless Journeys presented by ONDRU

Voiceless Journeys is an art project that aims to celebrate the cultural diversity and raise awareness about the journey, struggle, survival and achievements of people from diverse backgrounds. The focus is on people who left their countries as a result of their homelands’ internal problems or conflicts to make their life in Australia—people who positively shape our communities.

Diverse groups of people co-exist in Australia but they do not necessarily enjoy a sense of community. There exists a challenge to build a sense of community that opposes racism, xenophobia and oppression.

Whilst acknowledging that every community is unique and changeable, interaction is the key to social change—a central force to building a community that is inclusive of all. Voiceless Journeys is an attempt to build a sense of community with greater understanding of each other through the medium of art.

Refugee Week is acknowledged and celebrated in Yarra every year to recognise the important contribution that refugees make to Australia.

Voiceless Journeys was exhibited at the Richmond Town Hall from 24 April – 28 June, 2019.

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Image Credit:  Presented by ONDRU, Voiceless Journeys, 2019, Exhibition view, Richmond Town Hall. Photo by J. Forsyth