Bon Mott

 Intergalactic Plasma: a way back to go forward 

Intergalactic Plasma: a way back to go forward is an innovative exhibition that embodies the trickster, the intangible, and the contradictory to engage the public in social discourse, reflection, and social inclusion.

The name Intergalactic Plasma is drawn from scientific research suggesting that lightning (energy in plasma form) originates from cosmic rays entering the atmosphere, which form in supernovae explosions in intergalactic space.

The interactive silk sculpture installation features portraits of Melbourne artists who are immersed in social inclusion. Intergalactic Plasma utilises the recent scientific discoveries and draws from Indigenous science regarding the creation of lightning to challenge exclusive gender norms and promote inclusive practice.

All works were created at Second Space Projects (2SP), Fitzroy.

Intergalactic Plasma: a way back to go forward was exhibited at the Richmond Town Hall from 10 February - 1 May 2020

Image credit:  Bon Mott, Intergalatic Plasma, 2020, Exhibition View, Richmond Town Hall