The City of Yarra has a diverse range of contemporary, heritage and public art.

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  • girl drawing with chalk on footpath


    Maternal and Child Health Services provide a lifeline to first time mothers and fathers, supporting them when they first return home with their newborn baby and throughout the steep learning curve as they adapt to their new family unit. The simple line drawings of this work by Dennis, combines the imagery of babies, mothers breastfeeding, fathers playing with children and associated objects, to represent this bond.
  • Brook Andrew Man with Water 2015

    Man with Water

    Man with Water by Brook Andrew is a photographic montage of glass-lantern slides from Brook's own archive. The main figure in the work is a native policeman from New South Wales.  
  • Outside view of the Malcolm Graham Pavillion

    Opening Lines

    Buoyant and bulging with movement, Julia Gorman’s Opening Lines traverses the length of the Malcolm Graham Pavilion walkway in Burnley. A series of abstracted leg shapes jump, kick and run across the wall, activating and animating the space with bold, bright colours.
  • A painting depicting a platform, tower structure in a horizontal landscape of big skies and arid country.

    Canvassing the Stars

    Adam Nudelman’s work focuses on identity and how it is shaped by diaspora, history, culture, ethnicity, travel, domesticity and family. In his paintings these ideas and his personal experiences are depicted through the juxtapositions of a constructed Australian landscape and various man-made forms. 
  • An oil painting showing a landscape with a big blue sky, clouds and tower structures in the foreground.

    An Island in your Heart

    Adam Nudelman graduated from the in Victorian College of the Arts in 1992. His works features in prominent private, corporate and public collections. He is currently represented by Nanda/Hobbs Gallery, Sydney.
  • A print of blues, whites and greys showing fine detailed curving  lines, forming a dip, or inverted maountain like shape

    Weather Eye: Quiet Signs

    This work by Chris Hagen is part of a suite where the artist places himself in a foreign landscape, often surrounded by increasingly unpredictable forces. This image reflects a seemingly calm moment touched by signs of impending upheaval. 
  • A print showing an entrance to a church, with arched doorway, an arched window on either side and four small arches aboe the entrace depicting religious scenes

    Entrance Sought

    Langley’s practice combines the real and the imagined, incorporating a tracery of line work over photographs which are edited and abstracted. This print combines a church exterior with arcane line drawings, offering an entrance to an imagined interior space.
  • A women with a yellow cardigan stands in front of a backdrop. The woman is smiling, and has brown curly hair.

    Portrait of Tracey Briggs

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    Rod McNicol is one of Australia’s most celebrated portrait photographers, recognised for his singular dedication to photographing friends and members of his social world who live in and around the City of Yarra. 
  • Jim Pavlidis, The Lady with the Dog, 2019 lithograph (2 colour) 47 x 68cm image; 56 x 76cm paper

    The Lady with the Dog

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    The Lady with the Dog is named after a short story by Anton Chekhov and is an image of the artist’s wife and their dog; a whippet.
  • The artwork is made from the original doors located at the front entrance of the Collingwood Football Club’s grounds at Victoria Park. The work depicts a big red target painted on the existing Blak and white stripes—Collingwood colours—of the door. Naina placed a fabric number ‘30’ on top of the target—created from material used for numbers on the back of players’ football vests.

    Rule 30

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    In 1995 the Australian Football League introduced ‘Rule 30’ to combat racial and religious vilification.
  • Jonathon Hartley wears a brown fur coat, blue trousers and brown shoes. The foreground is aqua and the background cream. He stands in the middle of a cream square.

    Portrait of Dr Jonathan Hartley

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    Miller is best known for his portraits and figurative works. In this painting Dr. Jonathan Hartley is depicted in a proud stance wearing his much loved fur coat.