The City of Yarra has a diverse range of contemporary, heritage and public art.

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  • Mulhu (Ground/Earth) by Arkie Barton

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    Mulhu, means ‘ground’ and ‘earth’ in Arkie Barton’s native language, Kalkadoon. Barton’s bold shapes and lines, painted in muted, earthy colours, compliment the clay colour of the wall that curves around the park at Smith Reserve. Studded with metal discs, this wall and the bronze droplet-shaped bollard that divides it is an artwork by artist and architect, Kate Cullity. It was created for the City of Yarra Collection in 1996.
  • Retracing Queer Yarra

    Queer-ways: Retracing Queer Footprints celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Victoria. Explore the queer history of the City of Yarra’s rainbow communities, guided by voices and music from the local queer community.