Create Rate

Create Rate Supporting Yarra artists with more affordable spaces 

We are opening our community venues to artists and arts organisations at a new, discounted rate.

Create rate trial extended until the end of 2023

Space for creatives is currently often expensive and hard to come by, so we want to make it easier for artists and organisations to find affordable and sustainable spaces to create, rehearse, and perform.

This is in line with our latest Arts and Culture Strategy, striving for Yarra to be a creative place where dynamic, diverse, vibrant arts activities thrive and our citizens enjoy arts and culture as an everyday experience.

The Create Rate trial will be available to artists and arts organisations, giving creators access to a discounted room hire rate, which was previously only available to registered NFPs. This lower rate will mean more artists, creators and arts organisations can access spaces around Yarra so they can experiment, create and flourish and bring new and exciting experiences to our city.

The Create Rate trial extended to December 31 2023 at the following venues:

If successful, we would hope to see the program expand beyond these venues.

We’re excited to see the work of our passionate local creatives showcased around the city, and hope that this new rate will take our local creatives one step closer to realising their artistic visions and creative endeavours.

Find a venue

For any enquiries, contact our Venues and Events team at or 03 9205 5577.