Pool Parade

Pool mural by artist Stephen Baker

Stephen Baker

160 Alexandra Parade, Fitzroy


This mural was produced by local artist Stephen Baker in December 2013 as a ‘gift’ to the City of Yarra as part of Council’s Christmas Program. It is located on the Fitzroy Swimming Pool building on Alexandra Parade in Fitzroy.

Baker’s mural highlights the importance of sustainable transport and responds to the renowned heritage-listed ‘Aqua Profonda’ sign that appears on one of the internal pool walls. It accompanies another aquatic-themed painting on the pool’s walls by French street artists Blo and Jaws, commissioned earlier that year.

Baker bases a lot of his work around patterns and line work that he sees in the world around him. This piece uses geometric forms to depict the sustainable transport theme and the pool community through water patterns.

‘The new work represents the gathering of people at the Fitzroy Pool and various methods you can use to get there, especially those that are friendly to our environment’, Baker explains.