Room to Create

Our Room to Create Program aims to keep the arts in Yarra by supporting eligible artists and arts organisations and fostering more affordable and sustainable creative spaces.

 RTC Theresa Harrison

Image: Studio of Scotty So, Room to Create Studio Artist 2020-2021, by Theresa Harrison 

In comparison to surrounding municipalities, Yarra has the highest percentage of residents who identify themselves as creative practitioners.

Yarra continues to be an engine room for the arts, with iconic live music venues, over 60 galleries and artist run spaces, dozens of formal and informal rehearsal spaces, many peak arts organisations, radio stations, film production houses, recording studios and more.

However, the pressure of increased land prices and the diminishing availability of affordable warehouse-style spaces has forced many creative people out of Yarra, particularly young and emerging artists.

Room to Create Studios at Collingwood Yards

Find out more about the artists who are involved with the Room to Create Studio at Collingwood Yards. 

Room to Create Artists

Find out more about the artists who have been involved with the Room to Create Artist-in-Residency program. 

Responsive Grants Program

The Responsive Grants Program will open on 1 July 2022.

The Room to Create Responsive Grant 2022/23 Guidelines provide further information about eligibility and assessment criteria for the 2022/23 Room to Create Responsive Grants and the application process. These will be available closer to when the round opens.

You can apply for a grant online.

The Room to Create Fund

The Room to Create Fund is a charitable fund account in partnership with the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation. In 2013, Council committed $100,000 to establish the Room to Create Fund. The Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation provided a further $100,000 to match Council’s commitment.

Early in 2014, an additional donation of $30,000 was made by the Meydan Group followed by another significant contribution in 2015 of $25,000 from Nelson Alexander through its Foundation Day.

Over time the fund will grow and the interest will be offered as infrastructure grants to the creative sector.

Help build the fund

Are you able to help us meet our $1 million dollar target?


Our generous donors 

  • Yarra City Council
  • Lord Mayors Charitable Fund
  • Meydan Group
  • Nelson Alexander Foundation
  • Perri Cutten Pty Ltd
  • Sophie Gannon
  • Timothy Bishop
  • Stuart McKenzie
  • Susan Ball
  • Arch Staver
  • Dr Jonathan Hartley
  • John Ballard
  • Milieu Property
  • Leigh Ellwood
  • John Wardle
  • Behnam Roohizadegan
  • Rob Murray-Leach
  • Kim Swinson
  • Mike Hoy
  • Phillip Vlahogiannis
  • Mark Free
  • Marcus Westbury
  • David Murray-Smith
  • Julie Raynor
  • Myfanwy Hunter
  • Katya Johanson
  • Jayne Lovelock
  • Dan Honey
  • Sarah Young
  • Shuk Yin Liew
  • Anonymous (4)

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