Fairfield In Feb 2024

Sunday 18 February 2024 - Sunday 25 February 2024

Tarabeat x MzRizk featuring Onur & Jacinta (Credit: Ezz Monem)

Fairfield in Feb is a series of afternoon performances in February at the Fairfield Amphitheatre produced by Yarra City Arts and guest presenters. 

Much loved for over two decades now, Fairfield in Feb presents a surprising and ever-changing feast for your ears by the beautiful banks of the Yarra River. Join us in February for incredible food and music to honour culture and community, curated by MzRizk.

Come bask in two nights of live performances featuring a collaboration of classic and contemporary Arabic music Tarabeat x MzRizk, duo Sepideh and Mastaneh, local choir sensations HALO Vocal Ensemble and Pese Mai, with authentic homemade Palestinian food from Chef Aheda Kitchen and traditional BBQ from the kiosk from Maui’s Snack Bar; a delight for all the senses.

Sunday 18 February
Presented by Habibi Hafla: Tarabeat x MzRizk supported by Sepideh and Mastaneh

Tarabeat x MzRizk combines traditional Arabic music with electronic music, a celebration of the rich musical history and traditions of the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region that is nostalgic and modernistic. Inviting artists from the wider MENA community to join in their performances, from drummers to belly dancers, their dynamic live show has taken to the stage at WOMAD 2023, Habibi Hafla, Moomba, and the main stage at the Docklands for NYE. For Sunday 18 February, they will be joined by vocalists Onur Kurt and Jacinta Elamarly accompanied by percussionists Rawdrum and Basma, with belly dancers Laila Shouha and Melanie Khanum.

Vocal and guitar duo Sepideh and Mastaneh use music to eliminate geographical boundaries and bring people together from different cultures and backgrounds. With music sung in French, Arabic, Azerbaijani (Folk song), Persian, and Turkish languages, their performances offer a magical experience, showcasing the beauty of each language.

Delcious food on site by Chef Aheda Kitchen and tea/coffee from Okpopup.

Sunday 25 February
Presented by MzRizk: HALO Vocal Ensemble supported by Pese Mai 

Putting a modern spin on the definition of choir, Halo Vocal Ensemble is delivering a new sound to the masses, directed by vocal powerhouse Liona Tatafu. Bringing together a lineup of artists from different communities across Naarm/Melbourne, their ethereal harmonies and electric energy reimagine arrangements of modern RnB, Soul, Jazz, Gospel, and Hip Hop. No strangers to big stages, performing at Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Moomba, Loch Hart Festival, and more, their set at Fairfield Amphitheatre will feature their takes on RnB royalty Kanye West, Chaka Khan, Outkast, Kirk Franklin, Nina Simone, Destiny’s Child, and more.

Having previously performed alongside HALO Vocal Ensemble at Moomba and Christmas at Federation Square, choir group Pese Mai will join in a night of vocal and harmony prowess. Formerly known as the Pasifika Choir, Pese Mai is a collaboration between different students from South East Melbourne, performing a mixture of Pasefika songs and medleys that embody Samoan, Tongan, Rarotongan, Maori and Tokelauan languages. 

More great food on site by Maui's Snack Bar and tea/coffee from Okpopup.

Don't miss your chance to experience these two nights of unforgettable local talent on the banks of the Yarra River

6pm - 6.15pm - Welcome and DJ
6.15pm - 6.45pm - Sepideh & Mastaneh
6.45pm - 7.00pm - DJ
7pm - 8.30pm - Tarabeat & MzRIzk

6pm - 6.15pm - Welcome and DJ
6.15pm - 7.00pm - Pese Mai
7.00pm - 7.15pm - DJ
7.15pm - 8.30pm - HALO Vocal Ensemble 

Food and drinks available at both events. 

Getting to Fairfield Amphitheatre
Fairfield Amphitheatre is accessible by bus (Route 546, 250, 251, 246 and 504), train (Dennis, Fairfield and Clifton Hill stations) and tram (Route 86). There is some limited 4 hour parking available at the Fairfield Park Drive entrance off Heidelberg Road. Bicycle racks are located near the public toilets near the car park.

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Date and time:
6.00pm - 8.30pm
Sunday 18 February 2024 - Sunday 25 February 2024

Fairfield Park Drive