"On the Myopic Gaze of a Surrogate Eye" by Katie Paine

Wednesday 19 April 2023 - Saturday 27 May 2023

Image still from "On the Myopic Gaze of a Surrogate Eye" (2022) by Katie Paine

Composite is pleased to present On the Myopic Gaze of a Surrogate Eye, a film by Katie Paine.

Join us for an opening celebration on Saturday 22nd April 3-5pm.

The fleshy chamber of the retina is scanned for the flicker of a ghostly ectoplasm, researchers are troubled by the findings of their study. A hermetic narrator resides in a place where time stands still, recounting their attempts to assuage their loneliness with imagined correspondences. This project constructs speculative narratives which speak of failed encounters, telling stories of absences, of what cannot be seen in interstitial spaces. As a society, we use systems of knowledge to render the pandemonium of existence into concrete fact but within these systems there are fissures. Something slips through the cracks: ideas, memories and experiences that cannot be contained drift out in the world to create new narratives.

Film by Katie Paine.

Sound by Mitchell Mack.

Katie Paine is an artist and writer living and working in Naarm/Melbourne. She has exhibited at CAVES, TCB, c3 Contemporary Art Space, Kings ARI, La Trobe Art Institute, George Paton Gallery, Irene Rose, SEVENTH Gallery and Bus Projects. She writes fiction and criticism for publications such as Performance Review, Vault Magazine, Art + Australia, un Magazine, Running Dog, Runway Journal and Art Almanac and a variety of art galleries. She is currently completing her Masters in Fine Art (By Research) at the Victorian College of the Arts and has a particular interest in hauntology, semiotics and the archive.


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Wednesday 19 April 2023 - Saturday 27 May 2023

Composite Moving Image, Ground Floor, 35 Johnston Street, Collingwood Yards