Creatures of Comfort

Friday 27 January 2023 - Sunday 09 April 2023

Bella’s Paw and Louise’s Hand, 2021, by Louise Marson. Cast lead crystal glass. Image courtesy of the artist.

“My biggest supporters for love, companionship, beauty and inspiration are Penny and Bella.”

As an emerging visual artist living with Disability from an acquired brain injury and mental illness, Louise Marson’s art practice is both her voice and her mindfulness. With a life enriched by her assistance dogs Penny and Bella, Creatures of Comfort increases awareness of assistance dogs and the lived experience of mental health issues. With the expertise of glass artist Susan Reddrop, dog paws and human hands cast in lead crystal glass celebrate the special bond and connection these dogs have with their owners.  

Penny and Bella undergo annual training to ensure they pass the Public Access Test each year and are a key source of support for Marson’s mental wellbeing. They play a significant role in increasing her independence and ability to engage and participate in the world, enabling her to function as a Disabled person.

“We go everywhere together, public places, planes, hospitals, dentist, cafes, galleries. There are no accessibility limitations.”


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Friday 27 January 2023 - Sunday 09 April 2023

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