dichōtomi third edition

Wednesday 30 June 2021 - Friday 30 July 2021

dichōtomi logo. Image supplied by dichōtomi mag.

dichōtomi is the first digital art publication by and for afro people settled in Australia. It is a cultural archive dedicated to the multitudes and multiplicity of black creativity explored through words, sounds, visuals and conversations.

dichōtomi is a space for cultivating artistic networks and relationships. 'We are dedicated to support, resource and create with our communities in ways that feel important and relevant to us' says founder Bigoa Chuol.

Yarra City Arts will be supporting dichōtomi to produce its third edition to be launched June 30 2021.

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The dichōtomi Story.

dichōtomi is a cultural archive dedicated to holding space for multidimensional experience of black creativity.

dichōtomi serves as the bridge between seemingly opposing worlds existing simultaneously in one space and time. from the humdrum of everyday life, we invite you into a world of limitless expression, where black creativity thrives.

this is the place where we share our stories through words, sounds, visuals and conversations that reflect our experiences. we are boundless in our creative expression and explore mediums from music and poetry, to photography, short films and interviews.

as an inoculate space designed to support and uplift black freedom, particularly south sudanese + africans in australia and beyond, we draw in curious minds who come here to share, inspire and be inspired.

as a community, we are set on creating a cultural archive that expands the reflection of african imagination + practice of joy in australia and beyond.

explore the world through written word – find essays, poetry, literature, and everything in between.

let music, soundscapes, aural installations, and the latest earworms wash over your senses.

immerse yourself in visions; from short film to contemporary dance, you’ll see it here.

from interviews to deep and meaningful discussions, peep here for conversations with creatives.

for experimental creativity that can’t be contained, everything that doesn’t ‘fit neatly’, belongs here. go on and play.


Date and time:
Wednesday 30 June 2021 - Friday 30 July 2021