Mama Alto: Everyone Can Sing workshop

Thursday 14 March 2019 - Thursday 09 May 2019

Mama Alto by Alexis Desaulniers-Lea Photography

Mama Alto's honest belief is that 'everyone can sing' - if you can breathe, you can sing. But singing is often particularly fraught, difficult and scary for queer, trans and gender diverse people. In this masterclass, Mama will guide the group through singing as a bodily experience, breathing to unleash your voice and treating the voice as an instrument, free your own unique sound. 

Whilst everyone is welcome, we will be prioritising queer, trans & gender diverse people's attendance. 

Due to circumstances beyond her control Mama Alto is postponing her scheduled Thursday 9th workshop ("Everyone Can Sing") and Friday 10th performance ("Audience with the Diva") at Hares & Hyenas. Alternative dates will be announced shortly.

When: 9 May 2019.

Cost: $10. 


Date and time:
Thursday 14 March 2019 - Thursday 09 May 2019

Hares & Hyenas, 63 Johnston Street.