The Myth of Progress

Tuesday 20 March 2018 - Thursday 20 September 2018

Jeremy Blincoe, 'Detachment', 2017.

Discover the mysterious and mythical world of Jeremy Blincoe at the latest Carlton Library Light Box Program exhibition.

“The photographic artist Jeremy Blincoe is a visual storyteller. His purpose is not to reflect the world we see around us, but to explore the interior world of the mind. The mind of the individual, but also the mind of the community, the shared imagination of the group. Like peeling the layers of skin from an onion, it is a slow process of gradual steps as he digs deeper into these imaginative psychological spaces. While his images often spring from the personal, they seek, though the process of becoming artworks, to be reformed in a mythic visual language that may be shared by others.

If these are myths, in that they use narrative to describepossible ways of thinking about the world, they are not fables or parables; they do not have a simple moral lesson they seek to impart. Each visual story remains open, inviting viewers to journey into the mythic space and find, perhaps, their own personal answers or empathic resonance.”

Dr Alasdair Foster

The Myth of Progress will be on display from 20 March - 20 September 2018

Carlton Library is located at 667 Rathdowne Street, North Carlton. The Light Box installation is located on the south wall of the library, along Newry Street near the junction of Rathdowne Street.
Carlton Library plays an important role in the delivery of services to the community and many members of our community, of all ages, frequent this facility. The Public Art Light Box Program enhances the library’s profile and the surrounding streetscape, while also ensuring contemporary art is part of the everyday experience of our community and visitors to Yarra.

Council calls for Expressions of Interest from artists to produce and exhibit new works for the Carlton Library Light Boxes annually. 


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Tuesday 20 March 2018 - Thursday 20 September 2018

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