Recognition of Our Royalty

Friday 10 November 2017 - Wednesday 31 January 2018

Lyn-Al Young and Robert Young, 'Majesty', 2017

'People will know our Ancestors through us, for our lives are the fruition of our Ancestors’ lives and a continuation of their story. We are their descendants, and their destiny. Their lives have shaped our story, and our future.   

Recognition of Our Royalty pays respect to our past, and shows reverence for our lineage, our history and our Sovereignty. We have taken up the mantel that was given to us through stories that were shared; the names that we were given; and the foundation that was laid.' 

 Lyn-Al Young and Robert Young


Recognition of Our Royalty is an exhibition that reflects the individual and collective mission of this accomplished pair of artists, through a suite of paired silk paintings and colourful works on canvas. 

Robert and Lyn-Al Young are siblings from the Gunnai and Wiradjuri people. Growing up in a family full of artists, entrepreneurs and strong Indigenous leaders has shaped their identity creatively and their work celebrates this  – their culture, country and people. Both have collaborated extensively with Indigenous youth, through cultural and artistic workshops, teaching how to craft traditional artefacts (boomerangs, shields, clapsticks), work with textiles and visualise ‘their’ story through painting.

Lyn-Al Young has participated in numerous high profile fashion events including Australian Indigenous Fashion Week and, in 2016, the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival and she is developing a strong reputation for her painted silk garments. Robert Young is a painter and street artist and was commissioned in July 2017 to create the Celebration Dreaming mural in Charcoal Lane, Fitzroy.


Recognition of Our Royalty will be launched by Cr Mi-Lin Chen Yi Mei

6.30 to 8pm Friday 17 November.

All welcome!

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Richmond Town Hall

Date and time:
Friday 10 November 2017 - Wednesday 31 January 2018

333 Bridge Road, Richmond