CLOSED: Extraordinary Times Require Extraordinary Art

A person holding a bird in one hand and in the other is holding a bag with the world globe on it 
Image: Martin King, 'Whatever Way the Wind Blows'

Yarra City Council wants to support artists and arts organisations to create and present artworks in response to the climate emergency. Art that strengthens and mobilises the public response to the climate emergency. Art that engages, informs and inspires climate action. Art that makes the big idea of climate action personal and immediate. Art that makes people feel like change makers.

‘Extraordinary Times Require Extraordinary Art: Supporting artists to respond to the climate emergency' is a three-part program for artists and arts organisations who live, work, study, exhibit or perform in Yarra, and want to increase the impact of their work in response to the climate emergency.

Program content will include topics such as:

What is the cultural and political landscape in which we work and what is the purpose of art within this?

  • What is the role of art and artists in engaging community in issues that matter?
  • How can art heal our relationship with nature?
  • How do we create art which is visible, accessible and has impact?
  • How do we identify and act on opportunities for cross-sector partnerships and collaborations?
  • What is the role or art and artists as agents of change and/or bridge builders?
  • How do we bring these ideas to life?

The program will include content-expert speakers, as well as artists and/or arts organisations showing and talking about their work as it relates to the session content. There will also be time and opportunity for artists, arts organisations and other participants to spend time together, being in each other’s company, hearing what each other is working on, sharing ideas, and building new relationships and networks.

Through this program, we hope to:

  • Empower artists and arts organisations to understand that they have an important and necessary role to play in responding to the climate crisis.
  • Increase the visibility, accessibility, reach and impact of art created in response to the climate emergency.
  • Facilitate collaborations – including cross-artform and cross-sector collaborations - with a view to engaging with diverse audiences and getting more climate-focused art into the lives of people who don’t go to galleries, museums and exhibitions.
  • Explore ways in which artists and arts organisations can build understanding between groups of people and share experiences across divides.
  • Explore ways in which artists/art can shine a light on the systems which underpin climate change.

Up to 25 people will be selected to take part in the program. Ideally participants can commit to attend all three sessions, but applicants who can commit to only two will be considered.

Applications close Sunday 24 July 2022, midnight.


Who is eligible?
Whether you’ve been making art for a long time or a short time, you are eligible if you are keen to create and share art which inspires people to take climate action AND you have a connection to our Yarra community.

If your organisation is interested in participating, please nominate no more than two representatives.

Will the program be offered online or face to face?
The program will be offered face to face as we have heard that many in our community are keen for an opportunity to be together. Some of the speakers in the program though will appear online.

Do I need to bring food, snacks, a cup of tea?
No! We will provide vegan food at each session.

When do applications close?
Sunday 24 July 2022, midnight.

When and where will the sessions be held?
Session 1 – Saturday 1 October, 1-4pm, Abbotsford Convent.
Session 2 – Thursday 13 October, 6-9pm, Music Market, Collingwood Yards.
Session 3 – Saturday 22 October, 1-4pm, Abbotsford Convent.

Who do I contact for more information?
Samantha Green, Climate Emergency Coordinator, City of Yarra. or 03 9205 5555.

Expressions of interest for this program have now closed. Thank you for your interest.