Yarra City Arts Annual Grants Round 2 Now Open

Wednesday 06 December 2023

Children building an interactive fluorescent sculpture.
Slow Art Collective Pavilion 2023’ at Abbotsford Convent, held as part of Convent Kids 2023.

Our annual grants provide financial and in-kind support for community initiatives and projects. The 2024 annual grants are now open and close Monday January 22, 2024, for projects and activities held from Jul - Dec 2024. Arts and Culture grants have been offered on a bi-annual basis in 2024. Round one (now closed) for projects Jan-Dec 2024 and Round two (now open) for projects Jul-Dec 2024, with successful applicants being notified in April 2024. 

To apply, you can visit the City of Yarra SmartyGrants website and create an account if you don't already have one. Visit https://www.yarracity.vic.gov.au/about-us/grants/annual-grants to find out more.  Join our mailing list to receive regular updates about Yarra’s grant programs, as well as skills and training opportunities. 

For information about the funding priorities and maximum grant amount for each category, visit our Guidelines on the Community Grants page.

How do I apply? The application form can be viewed on SmartyGrants

Have a question? If you have a question about the annual grants, you can ask us online, or call us on 03 9205 5170 or 03 9205 5146.  


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