Thanks to Leaps and Bounds 2023

Tuesday 22 August 2023

Cheers to a mesmerising 2023 at Leaps and Bounds!

We can't emphasise enough how grateful we are to the brilliant artists, venues, bookers, and every music lover who came along to enjoy live music in Yarra this year. A giant nod to our new and emerging talents, and kudos to our fantastic venue hosts who welcomed them with open arms.

By attending all these gigs and celebrations throughout the weekend, you've not only enjoyed live music but also supported the vibrant pulse of Yarra's local businesses.

Live music is a crucial part of the economic and cultural fabric of Yarra. The numbers don't lie: This year, we worked with over 50 local venues. In 2022, live music contributed over $170 million to the Yarra economy, a figure that was $250 million in 2019.

🎥 Check out our wrap-up video below and relive the magic of Leaps and Bounds 2023!


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