Delightful Mosaics Celebrate Nature of Yarra Bend Park

Sunday 23 April 2023

Yarra Bend Mosaics by Dawn Anderson
Green Growling Grass Frog, Yarra Bend Mosaic Trail. Artwork and Image supplied by Dawn Anderson.

Keep an eye out for a series of delightful mosaics by local artist Dawn Anderson along the Yarra Bend Park. Inspired during the COVID lockdowns and her enjoyment of the many walks she took in the park with her dogs, Dawn wanted to celebrate the area and her newfound love of mosaics.

Wattle, Yarra Bend Mosaics by Dawn Anderson


17 small artworks adorn rocks in the area. Some of the animals and flora featured include the Rosella, Sacred Kingfisher, Possum, Blue-banded Bee, Skink, Long-necked Turtle, Wattle (pictured), Green Growling Grass Frog (pictured), Diving beetle, Dragonfly, Callistemon, Blue Cup and Fairy Wren, Macquarie Perch, Cockatoo, Boo Book Owl, and the Pacific Black Duck.


The mosaics are small in scale so only the most observant walker will see them all. 

The project was supported by a Yarra City Arts small project grant. Big thank you to Tim from Parks Victoria.


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