Leaps and Bounds 2022 Live Music Industry Day Recap

Monday 29 August 2022

Leaps and Bounds Music Festival Industry day with host Kiwat Kennell
Host Kiwat Kennell (Music Victoria) speaking to attendees of the Leaps and Bounds Music Festival 2022 Industry at the Music Market, Collingwood Yards. Photo by @Laura.May.Grogan

This year, as part of the Leaps and Bounds Music Festival, Yarra staged an Industry Day in appreciation of the work of not just musicians, but the entire kaleidoscope of freelancers and small businesses who keep the live music sector playing. 

Hosted by Kiwat Kennell (Music Victoria’s Project and Community Manager), music lovers and workers were invited to take part in an immersive music experience guided by breath with Breathsesh and heard from key representatives in the music sector to shed light on current issues, opportunities and how to develop a career in the arts and entertainment industry.

Many wonderful insights were shared, and we also got to enjoy some delicious catering by Le Bon Ton, Dench Bakery, Brick Lane Brewery, Grainshaker Vodka & Neds Whisky.

The day commenced with an introduction and Acknowledgment of Country from Kiwat Kennell followed by:

  • Minimum Rates For Musicians – with Kimberly Wheeler (Musician and Musicians Australia Representative), Jem Maloney (Musician), Simone Schinkel (CEO, Music Victoria) and Mary Mihelakos (Booker, Brunswick Ballroom)
  • Industry Updates from:
    National Industry Review: from Julia Robinson, Managing Director, Australian Festivals Association and Review Taskforce Member
    - HALT: from Jem Maloney, HALT Project Worker
    - Live Music Census: from Dale Packard, General Manager, Music Victoria 
    - Green Music Australia’s Artist Guide: from Hannah Docherty, Music Victoria’s Green Lead
     - VMDO: from Aijia (AJ) Li, VMDO’s Music Business Manager
  • Getting Your House In Order – with Media Arts Lawyers Tahlia Beeson (Lawyer) and Yasmin Naghavi (Partner), APRA’s Writer Services Representative – Jenny Branagan, National Entertainment Director at Marsh Insurance - Simon Calabrese and Accountants from White Sky
  • Diving into the details – with event host Kiwat Kennell
  • The Sesh - an immersive music experience guided by breath – with Julia Balassopoulos ( Breathwork Facilitator) and Tom Riccioni (Local Artist)

Guests were also given the opportunity to book in for a 20-minute spot with their local APRA AMCOS Writers Services representative, where they could discuss membership, royalties, song registration, and any other APRA AMCOS queries that they had.

Get all the music insights of Industry Day here



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