Blak Pearl Studios Open to Community

Thursday 24 February 2022

Image: Blak Pearl artists, Aunty Tracey Briggs, Uncle Frank Wandin, Uncle Ringo Terrick, Aunty Annie Gunmara. Image supplied by Blak Pearl.

Blak Pearl is a community-led creative studio in Fitzroy providing a culturally safe environment for local Aboriginal peoples who cannot access mainstream spaces. It is a place to gather and connect, develop and expand on artistic skills, and showcase the artistic outcomes of a talented and underrepresented community.  The space provides necessities such as space and artistic resources, including equipment, materials and support. Food and drink will also be available.

The Studio’s overarching aims are to create pathways into the formal arts sector, to formalise into an Aboriginal-led organization, and to create an adaptable structure for other zones in Victoria where Aboriginal peoples experiencing hardship reside and lack access to creative cultural resources.

Blak Pearl is set to opening its doors to the community it services on Wednesday March 2nd and will be open from Wednesday to Friday 12-5pm every week. 

Blak Pearl are seeking support to cover general start-up and basic fit-out costs, purchase artistic and specialised cultural materials (such as possum skins and wood burners), and staff the studio.


Blak Pearl is supported by the Yarra City Council through its Room to Create and 2022 Annual Arts Grant program.  


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