Black Crow AR: A paste-up poster series across Yarra

Wednesday 06 October 2021

A dark blue painting with a moon shape in the middle, with white circles and lines passing by the top of the bottom with circles and animal footprints.
Bira (2020), Daen Sansbury-Smith. Image courtesy of the artist.

Find a series of paste-up posters on the streets of Fitzroy and Collingwood by artist Daen Sansbury-Smith.

Black Crow is a metaphor for the wise watchful eye of male Aboriginal role models and their key responsibilities within the community. This collection of paintings with augmented reality is a selection from an exhibition expanding on Narungga and Trawoolwaway artist Daen Sansbury-Smith’s representation of Narungga and Palawa stories, art and culture. The collection explores transference of inherited knowledge, stories and responsibility from a father to his young children. Through ochre, charcoal and acrylic on canvas, Sansbury-Smith maps Ancestral memory and connection to country, sharing stories of pre and post-contact Aboriginal history and culture. This mapping draws upon cultural design of huge importance to Sansbury-Smith.

Dates: Monday 25 October to Monday 8 November, 2021
Artwork & Sound Design: Daen Sansbury-Smith
Animation: Isobel Knowles
Music: Danny ‘D-Boy’ Ramzen

The AR was funded by City of Melbourne and Creative Victoria
The paste-up poster series was supported by a Yarra Small Project Grant

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