Fidget Kids Collingwood College at 3CR

Monday 20 September 2021

Collingwood College at 3CR
3/4 Reggio Collingwood College at 3CR workshop

Throughout May and June 2021, the kids from 3/4 Reggio at Collingwood College worked on interviews with inspiring people. 

In small groups they visited 3CR to have a look at the station, recorded interviews in a recording studio and produced their own podcasts.  

Kids did interviews with a big mix of people including artists, ethicists, Olympians and chefs. 

Fidget kids would like to thank all their guests, 3CR, and the Yarra Council Small Projects grant for making this project possible! 

Here’s what some of the students said about the experience… 

What was special about the project?

“I think it was really cool that we went to an actual radio station and we got to choose the people that we interviewed. We got to choose our own questions and describe what we think,” said Lottie, a year 3 student. 

“I got to interview Mini, she’s a hip-hop artist. She told us about her childhood, and she shared a song with us called ‘Black Girl Magic,” Fatma said. 

“I liked it when Mini sang us a song called ‘Black Girl Magic,’ Zahra said.

“I liked how Mini told us that she sang us a song to her brothers and sisters to feel who they are. To just ignore the bullies and be proud of yourself,” said Zahra. 

“I liked it when Mini told us all about her life and how she loved hip hop. I was really curious to learn about her,” said Ilhan, a year 4 student from Collingwood College. 

What was it like to share the podcast? 

“I felt nervous and excited at the same time when we shared our podcast. My mum said she loved all the podcasts, and she listened to all of them,” said LJ. 

“My voice sounds very different on the radio to in my head,” said Clem. 

Would you like to make more radio? 

“I think it would be really cool to make more radio. We’ve had practice now and so we could speak to different people and learn from it,” said Lottie. 

If you want to listen to the Fidget Kids Podcast go to the 3CR website here.


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