Keep Growing - Yarra's nature inspired mural

Wednesday 12 May 2021

A terrace house is the canvas for a mural which uses multiple shades of green to create a vine like structure that almost encapsulates the house.
‘Keep Growing’ Located at 77 Richardson Street, Carlton North – Photo by Michael Fikaris

‘Keep Growing’ is the message that artist Michael Fikaris and two Youth from the Yarra Graffiti prevention program painted on a wall last week in the form of a nature inspired mural.

Encapsulated in numerous shades of green and expressions of graffiti elements is a strong sense of nature tones, depicting fauna and flora, sharp shapes and evolutionary aspects.

“The theme is in response to the natural environment and our need to learn more about adapting to our shared future, I think the Yarra community knows the future requires an exploration of change and adaption of new ways to live locally together’ says project director Michael Fikaris.

Through youth mentorships the project, like its subject matter, encourages young artists to keep growing and evolving their practise.

Michael Fikaris is part of the iconic Yarra based– Everfresh and is an Australian multidisciplinary artist whose career has spanned nearly 20 years. For a while now, Fikaris has worked extensively with young artists aiding and guiding them to create meaningful work with the direction of deterring graffiti and tagging. This Project is a continuation of this work.

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This project was supported and funded by a City of Yarra Stimulate Grant.

The outline of the mural in green on a white wall.

WIP (Work in Progress) Mural ‘Keep Growing’ – Photo by Michael Fikaris

Process of the mural creation

WIP Mural ‘Keep Growing’ Assistant Brody Xarhakos – Photo by Michael Fikaris

Mural coming together. Two people standing in front of it.

WIP Mural ‘Keep Growing’ Assistant Brody Xarhakos and Youth Finn – Photo by Michael Fikaris

Final touches of the mural.

WIP Mural ‘Keep Growing’ Assistant Youth Finn and Helena painting – Photo by Michael Fikaris


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