City of Yarra exhibition program February 2020

Tuesday 04 February 2020

An image of a photographic work by Bon Mott, with two figures wearing pink partially hidden by a plume of smoke

Yarra is home to a diverse range of exhibition spaces, including artist-run spaces, commercial galleries, and Council-owned spaces like our parks, libraries and town halls. We are committed to providing exhibiting opportunities for artists, as well as inspiring encounters with visual art for all. 

Stop by one of the Yarra venues below to view our current exhibition program showcasing local artists and creative practice. 


Bargoonga Nganjin, North Fitzroy Library
Annual 4
Unknown Man Clasps Hand from Cloud
6 February – 10 May 2020

Unknown Man Clasps Hand From Cloud began in 2015 as a response to the domestic chaos endured by its creators as they raised their three children. Annual 4 is an exhibition of drawings recording the details of the artists’ personal lives, from the tedious to the overwhelming, becoming a measure of memory, a study of the nature of forgetting and a celebration of the incidental.


Fitzroy Library - currently closed
Our Daily Bread
Linda Judge
6 February – 26 April 

After seeing photographs of the decayed bodies of albatross, with shards of coloured plastic where their stomachs used to be, Linda Judge began collecting small plastic fragments so that they couldn’t be ingested by sea birds.  In over a year Judge has made 52 artworks, which have been documented and hand bound into an artist’s book. Her new sculptural works also reframe the ubiquitous “use-by date” as a call to action. In doing so she highlights the tragic irony, wherein our own nourishment may be inadvertently contributing to the destruction of a species from starvation.


Richmond Town Hall
Intergalactic Plasma: a way back to go forward
Bon Mott
10 February – 1 May

Intergalactic Plasma: a way back to go forward is an innovative exhibition that embodies the trickster, the intangible, and the contradictory to engage the public in social discourse, reflection, and social inclusion. For this exhibition, Bon Mott utilises recent scientific discoveries and draws from Indigenous science regarding the creation of lightning to challenge exclusive gender norms and promote inclusive practice.


Carlton Library Light Boxes
Interior Spaces
Jesse Boyd-Reid
24 September 2019 – 20 March 2020

Zen teacher John Tarrant reminds us that, “Beneath or inside the life we lead every day is another life. This unseen life runs like a river beneath the city, beneath work, family, ambition, beneath our pleasures and our griefs.”

“There is another world”, says the poet Paul Éluard, “and it is inside this one.”

Jesse Boyd-Reid is a Melbourne-based contemporary artist, currently completing his Honours degree in Fine Arts (Photography) at the Victorian Collage of the Arts, Melbourne. Boyd-Reid’s work builds upon the long tradition of photographers who reflect upon the intimate vernacular of personal relationships to express an inner world of feeling. 

Image: Bon Mott, Intergalactic Plasma: a way back to go forward, 2020 Jack // Bon // (detail)
Silk/Satin, digital print. Photography Credit: Amanda Fordyce


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