Collingwood Town Hall installation by Sam Yong

Tuesday 10 December 2019

Artist Sam Yong's installation at Collingwood Town Hall.

Yarra City Council has commissioned local artist Sam Yong to bring the festive spirit to Collingwood Town Hall through an Australian flora-themed temporary installation. The work was recently installed across eight columns and the footpath directly outside the town hall. 

Celebrating native Australian flora including Waratah, Golden Wattle, Banksia and Grevillia, the work also gives a nod to Melbourne’s celebrated food culture through the inclusion of Nasturtiums – an edible plant often found in local suburban gardens. 

Sam’s work brings a vibrant pop of colour to the heritage listed building throughout the warmer months, and offers passers-by an opportunity to reflect on the beauty of Australia’s native plants and flowers. 

Sam Yong is a painter and illustrator based in Collingwood. His work explores connections between human narratives and the environment, where the unknown and the natural world often collide. Sam’s work has been exhibited across Australia and internationally, and is currently represented by BeinArt Gallery. Collingwood Town Hall is located at 140 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford. 


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