Michael Hutchence statue update

Friday 21 June 2019

In late 2018 Yarra Council was approached by a group of Michael Hutchence’s family members, friends and fans, with an offer to create and donate a statue of the late musician at, no cost to Council. The statue was proposed to be located in Richmond.  

Before accepting the offer, we decided we would speak to the local community in Richmond to gauge their support for the proposal.

Prior to beginning our community consultation, we were asked by the Hutchence family to put the proposal on hold.

Some members of the family are still committed to pursuing Richmond as their preferred location for the statue, however others have indicated a desire to explore the possibility of having the statue created and located in North Sydney. In the interests of unity, the family have requested Yarra Council not to progress further with the proposal until this can be resolved.

We respect the wishes of the Hutchence family and wish them all the best in seeing a statue of Michael realised.


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