Our heritage is shaped by the people and places that have called it home. 

Protecting and enhancing Yarra’s heritage is important to us. Heritage helps tell the story of our community and environment.

Heritage is integral to planning and development in Yarra. 

“Heritage” can include tangible features, like historical buildings and precincts, landscapes, streetscapes, archaeological sites, objects, collections and records. It can also include intangible features, like cultural practices, stories, traditions, folklore and other knowledge inherited over generations.

There are several ways heritage can be recognised. This includes:

  • Aboriginal heritage
  • Natural heritage
  • Built and residential heritage
  • Cultural heritage
  • Industrial heritage 

 Learn more about heritage at Yarra

  • Heritage overlays and gradings

    Find out if your property has a heritage overlay and what you need to do for planning permits. 

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  • Heritage overlays and solar panels

    You may need to submit a planning permit application if you live in a heritage overlay and want to install solar panels. 

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  • Heritage precincts

    Yarra is home to 54 heritage precincts.

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  • Heritage studies

    These studies form the basis of our heritage protections in Yarra. 

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  • Heritage database and incorporated documents

    Find out information about the level of heritage significance of places in Yarra through Incorporated Documents or the Heritage Database.

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  • Heritage sites in Yarra and Victoria

    Discover Yarra's rich heritage and visit sites of significance. You can also explore Victoria's heritage and where to visit. 

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  • Heritage Victoria permit applications

    We are referred a number of Heritage Victoria permit applications. We provide copies of these applications for information purposes only.

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