You, We, They, Me

Kiron Robison - You, Me, They, We
Kiron Robinson, You, We, They, Me, 2017, acrylic, neon. Photo by Christo Crocker

This artwork by Kiron Robinson, on permanent display in the Bargoonga Nganjin courtyard garden, was commissioned by Yarra Council as part of the 1% towards integrated art scheme for new capital building projects over 1 million dollars.

You, We, They, Me is a combination of 14 words paired together to form seven circles. The words are collected from the history of this North Fitzroy location―from the earliest Indigenous histories to the more recent past. This neon installation presents words of action, each indicating the possibility of a newly formed future. Each of these actions reveals a relationship to the habitation, and subsequent sense of ownership of the space, by the community. 

The words acknowledge that a community is comprised of individuals―the singular that constructs the many. They are a call to attention―of this location’s future as a carrier of the past―and as a place within which the community can be and create. The circularity of each of the words and their pairings creates a forming, reforming and interdependence that is in a continual action of becoming―the essence of the Bargoonga Nganjin space―a communal place of continual transformation.

About the Artist:

Kiron Robinson lives and works in Melbourne and is currently a lecturer in photography at the Victorian College of the Arts. He has undertaken numerous residencies internationally and has exhibited extensively in Australia and internationally. Recent projects include exhibitions at Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA), Taipei; POSCO Museum of Art, South Korea; and Kurumuya Museum, Japan. He has recently held solo exhibitions at Centre for Contemporary Photography, Monash University Faculty Gallery and Gippsland Art Gallery. In 2016 he was included in What happens now?, the inaugural Melbourne Biennial Lab.