Jon Butt


Artwork by Jon Butt

Spectra is an immersive photographic installation that formalises both an expanded and compressed notion of landscape. It aims to pull viewers into a fluid, gravity-free space in which to contemplate our place within the system of universal space/time/place/matter.

What is offered is a shifted scale of vast territories, molecular energies and entropic disorder. The work depicts time, space and place when the idea of the landscape is viewed in terms of pure matter. Objects float with a sense of shifting dimensionality, containing endless physical potential and mass, referencing terrestrial/extra-terrestrial landscapes and mindscapes. Space sensed rather than understood.

Call Numbers of readings on quantum physics, landscape art, philosophy and more, for all ages and experience, float within the image providing a bridge between the aesthetic experience of the artwork and new scientific, philosophical learning.

Spectra was exhibited at at Bargoonga Nganjin from 8 February – 5 May 2019

Image credit: Jon Butt, Spectra, installation view, 2019. Photo by J Forsyth.