Sangeeta Sandrasegar

A white wall with ten blue structures of human like figures on it. The figures are multiple shades of blue, ranging from light to dark.

At North Carlton Children’s Centre, Sangeeta Sandrasegar researched new work; collecting archival material and developing colour fabrication and production histories.

Taking place over 12 months, this research informed sculptural and two-dimensional work of paper and fabric cut-outs, drawings, watercolours and maquettes. You can visit Sangeeta’s work on her website.

Sangeeta Sandrasegar works from a research-based practice, building visual narratives upon postcolonial and hybridity theory, her life in Australia and the relationship between migrant communities and homelands. Sandrasegar’s practice has consistently engaged with shadow as a formal and symbolic motif in developing these themes. Sandrasegar's diverse application of ephemeral visual effects, deployment of theory and artistic motifs inspired by various cultures demonstrates that political statements can be made within the realm of visual poetics.

Sandrasegar has exhibited professionally in national exhibitions in addition to major international exhibitions and biennials. She is the recipient of research grants and residencies in France, Italy, London, Spain, India, Malaysia and Japan. She has completed commissions for the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney, The Besen Collection, Melbourne, The Australian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne and the Australian War Memorial, Canberra. Sandrasegar holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Visual Arts from The University of Melbourne.

Image: On the field of Truth on the battlefield of life IV, 2021, Pierced and cut paper, hand dyed in Indian Indigo and Indian Madder, Image by Mark Ashkansy, Installation View