Steaphan Paton

My Jindabyne II by Steaphan Paton

 A panoramic frame separated into four sections of gorgeous green trees and forest in Jindabyne.

Image: Steaphan Paton, My Jindabyne II 2018, single channel digital video, colour, silent

My Jindabyne II by Steaphan Paton was exhibited in Peel Street Park between September 2021 to December 2021.

In My Jindabyne, I am concerned with the audience viewing and experiencing what I see and feel on country. It is a combination vision, like a 4D or 5D visioning. It is about horizons, visioning, seeing, feeling and knowing.

This work was sparked by something I believe I heard in a folk song about the Snowy Mountains, created by workers of the Snowy Hydro Scheme. They were singing about my Nan’s Monero Country. The work is a statement and an exploration. In this work the audience is shown a way of seeing the landscape, in a way that I see it.