Rose Hartley

Framed (2019) by Rose Hartley 

A disembodied wig on a windowsill facing a mirror with an Islamic girl reflected in it.

Image: Rose Hartley, Dheisha Refugee Camp, Palestine 2018 

Rose Hartley’s suite of photographs, entitled framed (2019), depicts people from a number of countries around the world who are framed by their structural and physical environments.

The series aims to expose a visual symbiotic relationship between an individual and their broader contextual environment. On one hand, the subject in the photo accentuates elements of the context that may have otherwise been ignored without them. On the other, the structural elements in their environment, that are shaping them within the picture, expose particular aspects and characteristics of the person.

This body of work includes photos from India, Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Spain, Portugal, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Palestine, Israel, Iran, and Colombia.

Framed (2019) was part of the Peel Street Park Projection Program from 2 - 30 September, 2019.