Adam Stone

A Fall From Grace by Adam Stone

Image Credit: Adam Stone, A Fall From Grace (Self Portrait Crash) II, 2015, fiberglass, polyurethane, steel, automotive paint.

At Edinburgh Gardens in North Fitzroy, a large, empty plinth stood in the centre of a circular garden bed. The plinth was erected in 1901 and was originally the base for a wooden statue of Queen Victoria which only stood watch over the gardens for a very short while before going missing. The statue was never replaced and the plinth has stood strangely bare in the park for over a century.

Adam Stone’s work A Fall From Grace (Self Portrait Crash) II was erected on the plinth on Thursday 23 March, 2017 as a first step towards reinstating its original purpose.

Adam’s practice explores the inherent attraction that young people―particularly males―have towards risk taking behaviour as a means of expression and finding a place in the world, often culminating in failure or disaster. Stone uses personal narrative and aspects of extreme sports and parkour to navigate these ideas and to examine high risk/high reward actions.

A Fall From Grace (Self Portrait Crash) II was presented on the Edinburgh Gardens plinth from 23 March - 23 November, 2017.