Fairfield in Feb

Sunday 05 February 2023 - Sunday 26 February 2023

Chikchika performing at Music in Exile at Fairfield Amphitheatre. Image: Leila Maulen

Fairfield in Feb is a series of four free afternoon performances each Sunday evening in February at the Fairfield Amphitheatre produced by Yarra City Arts and guest presenters.

Much loved for over two decades now, Fairfield in Feb presents a surprising and ever-changing feast for your ears by the beautiful banks of the Yarra River.

Food and beverages will also be on sale for the following event dates: 

Sunday 5 February – Fitzroy Kitchen Project

The Fitzroy Kitchen Project is a group of women who love sharing food, culture and stories. Sunday’s menu will include Afghani Chickpea Pulao & Salad, watermelon salad, a taster plate, and Persian and Afghani sweets.

Sunday 19 February – Friends of Baucau

We encourage people to bring their own drinks and snacks on Sunday 12 and 26 when the kiosk won’t be operational.

Sunday 5 February and Sunday 12 February

6pm to 8:30pm
Fairfield Amphitheatre, Fairfield Drive, Fairfield

The first two concerts, curated by Anish Nair, are classically inclined, featuring a wide spread of music from opera and strings to jazz acapella. Headlined by Fiore Chamber and featuring esteemed groups such as Consort of Melbourne & Alta Collective plus many other local ensembles and performers.

Sunday 5 February
Fiore Chamber – Chorale repertoire
Mickey & Michelle – Harp and violin duo exploring classical and jazz
Burgundy Blue - vocal quintet specialising in close harmony and jazz
The Lyrebird Ensemble - Baroque to 20th century works, from Art Song to Operatic works
Cantores Ceciliae – Consort music

Sunday 12 February
Fiore Chamber – Chorale repertorie
Fairfield Four – Chamber music
Consort of Melbourne – Historical and contemporary chamber music
Alta - genre-defying treble vocal music

Sunday 19 February and Sunday 26 February

6pm to 8.30pm
Fairfield Amphitheatre, Fairfield Drive, Fairfield

The final two shows, presented with The Boite, will showcase the harp in its many cultural guises from Karen to Celtic, from Chilean to Eritrean and more. Harp Stories will feature Melbourne's best proponents of the instrument straddling styles from traditional, to jazz to classical to electronic. The concerts will feature Liana Perillo, Eh Su, and Jali Buba, with guests to be announced.

Sunday 19 February
Liana Perillo - Contemporary electric and acoustic harp influenced by classical, jazz and intercultural styles
Eh Su - Karen Harp
Jali Buba Kuyateh - West African Kora 

Sunday 26 February
Andy Rigby and Alfirio Cristaldi - Celtic and Paraguayan harps
Anbessa Gebrehiwot - Eritrean Krar and Masinko
Perolas - Contemporary electric and acoustic harp influenced by classical, jazz and intercultural styles

Getting to Fairfield Amphitheatre 

Fairfield Amphitheatre is accessible by bus (Route 546, 250, 251, 246 and 504), train (Dennis, Fairfield and Clifton Hill stations) and tram (Route 86).

There is some limited 4 hour parking available at the Fairfield Park Drive entrance off Heidelberg Road.

Bicycle racks are located near the public toilets near the car park.

Fairfield Amphitheatre


Date and time:
6pm - 8.30pm
Sunday 05 February 2023 - Sunday 26 February 2023

Fairfield Drive, Fairfield