Arts and Culture Round 2 Annual Grants 2024 Announced

Wednesday 10 April 2024

A young person stands in front of a presentation on digital music with a keyboard and screen.
Image Credit: Jonnine Nokes at Mobile MESS at Abbotsford Convent (photo by Kenny Waite)

Council has distributed $205,000 to 18 projects in Round 2 of the Arts and Culture Annual Grants 2024.

Successful projects showcase Yarra’s evolving artistic practices and creative communities. Financial and in-kind support will see outcomes ranging from festivals and events, local documentary film, music, visual arts, dance, workshops and more.

The funding expands and develops the city’s artistic offering for audiences that include residents, workers and visitors. Yarra City Council Arts and Culture Grants offer the community an opportunity to engage in creative expression, culture, storytelling and local reflections.

Download a summary of the Arts and Culture Annual Grants Round 2 2024.


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