New Mural for Holden Street Neighbourhood House

Thursday 21 December 2023

The Social Hub mural Holden Street Neighbourhood House
Social Hub mural by artist Jane Eden.

Holden Street Neighbourhood House (Holden Street) was able to take a significant stride forward in their 'Social Hub' project, thanks to the invaluable support received from Yarra City Arts. The social hub initiative is working towards creating an inclusive and accessible outdoor space aimed at fostering social connections and adult education within the North Fitzroy community.

 Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, the vibrant and diverse community has grappled with enforced isolation, leading to increased anxiety and concerns about the enduring social and economic impacts. With approximately 33% of North Fitzroy residents living alone, many in the 500+ public housing units, addressing social isolation has been a crucial focus.

Holden Street’s ‘Social Hub’ aims to meet this need by providing a safe and engaging outdoor space for continued social interaction in a Covid-safe manner. Holden Street conducted extensive community consultations that resonated strongly in support of an outdoor area with cooking facilities—a vision enthusiastically embraced across our community.

Yarra Arts support enabled HSNH to work in collaboration with local artist, Jane Eden, and local artistic volunteers to create a community mural which now adorns the backdrop of the ‘Social Hub’. This mural now stands as a testament to community collaboration, with Adult Education Visual Arts students, University Placement students and community members at Holden Street contributing to its design and execution.

"Holden Street is immensely grateful for Yarra City Art's partnership and support in realising this transformative addition to our Neighbourhood House. Together, we are creating a vibrant and welcoming space that will positively impact the lives of our community members, providing a hub for learning, connection, and shared experiences." Mary Parfrey, Manager Holden Street Neighbourhood House. 



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