Bakehouse Studios announces new round of bursaries for women and gender diverse musicians

Sunday 20 November 2022

Belfry at the Bakehouse
Belfry, Bakehouse Studios. Description: Piano, drum kit and amplifier are in a room. The room is lit with a golden light from three windows. The floor is timber floorboards. There are several microphone stands in the room.

Following the success of the 2021 Bursary Round, Bakehouse Studios is launching a new round of bursaries commencing Tuesday 25 October 2022 and concluding Saturday 25 February 2023.

The quick-release project aims to encourage and invest in greater participation of women and gender-diverse practitioners in live performance, creation of new work, collaboration, and skill development. The 2022 relaunch is possible due to co-funding support from the Punter’s Club Reunion, Playking Foundation, and the Myer Foundation. Bakehouse extends gratitude and many thanks to these organisations for their generous investment in the local music community.

Women and gender-diverse artists are underrepresented throughout the music industry, from venue line-ups to release charts, despite the clear efforts of these artists and ever-increasing numbers. The social and economic aftermath of the pandemic has exacerbated the issue of gender inequality in the arts, with many musicians separated from their communities and experiencing financial hardship. 

The response to the 2021 Bakehouse Bursary round highlighted the necessity for ongoing support towards women and gender-diverse musicians, many of whom are primary caregivers, endure unstable casual and part-time work, or live with disability. 

To assist these artists, Bakehouse is introducing 25 bursaries for fully supported studio rehearsals. Each package consists of two off-peak rehearsal sessions and one on-peak rehearsal session, with full backline included in the best available room at Bakehouse Studios, Richmond. 

The bursaries allow flexibility for music practice and rehearsal, encouraging collaboration between musicians and other creatives at all stages in their careers. The packages are designed to be used immediately after applications have been accepted but are valid for six months from endowment.

In alignment with our commitment to reducing creative obstacles and strengthening Narrm’s diverse music community, whilst the 2022 bursaries will consider merit, they will predominantly be hardship-based. We encourage established and emerging musicians to apply, with priority given to First Nations artists, CALD artists and artists living with disabilities. 

Applications for this round close Tuesday 28 February 2023 at 5pm.
Apply online now or contact Bakehouse for more information.

Bursaries will be valid for rehearsal sessions for six months from endowment. 
Solo artists, women-led or GD-led bands may apply. 



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